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Stump Grinding Auckland – What to look for in a Stump Removal Company

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So you’ve recently had a tree fall over or cut down on your Auckland property and now you’re left with an ugly stump jutting out of your lawn or garden.  Maybe a stump that could damage your lawn mower so you want to get an Auckland Stump Grinding Company in to grind it off.  Or maybe you want to plant another tree or shrub in it’s place.  Again grinding the stump is the best option when it comes to replanting or grassing the area where the tree stump is.

Why is Stump Grinding better than digging out a stump?

One benefit of stump grinding over digging out the stump is that there is no hole left afterwards that needs to be filled up with top soil.  So this can save you time and money.

Another benefit of Stump grinding is that the area around the stump isn’t touched unlike digging out the stump so the end result is mush tidier – an important consideration if the stump is in your pristine lawn.

You may think that removing a tree stump is a pretty straight- forward job.  Just grind off the ugly visible stump at ground level or just below so it looks good and that is that.

However much like the roots of a tree aren’t visible, the most important part of a stump grinding job is also not visible.

So, when selecting an Auckland stump grinding company you should ask them how much of the stump they will grind out.

Most will answer that they grind the stump to a depth of 100 to 150mm below the ground.  However the best job will be done if they actually remove the whole root ball and all significant roots to a depth of up to half a metre.  The surface roots should also be removed.

Why does it matter what depth the stump is ground out to?

There are 2 reasons for this:

1.  If the stump grinding is only done to 150mm, any other tree planted will more than likely die

2.  The worst-case scenario is the tree you’ve just gone to the trouble of removing could actually grow back if the whole root ball isn’t removed

You should also ask the stump grinding company what is done with the tailings.  These are the stump grindings that are left over.  These should be put back in the hole that they came from and then the tailings should be compacted down.  They will then compost into dirt in due course leaving the job neat and tidy and ready for replanting or seeding into lawn.

Read on below to learn the 7 steps to selecting a top Auckland Arborist for stump grinding.

Auckland Tree Masters do stump grinding properly.  They remove the whole root ball and significant roots to a depth of up to half a metre and even the surface roots as well.

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Tree Services Auckland

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Auckland Tree Services Companies: How do you pick one?

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So you are in need of Tree Services in Auckland?  How do you go about finding a reliable Auckland tree services company?

Firstly, a quality tree services company should have well trained and experienced arborists who are able to handle a whole range of tree services. This should include but not be limited to the following services:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Crown Lifting & Crown Reduction (reducing a tree in height back to growth points)
  • Fruit tree and shrub pruning
  • Fine pruning of roses
  • Artistic shrub shaping and pruning
  • Bamboo removal
  • Hedge trimming and hedge removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Branch Chipping
  • Section clearing
  • Thinning
  • Tree Planting and staking
  • 24 hour emergency callout service following storms
  • Arborists reports/consulting
  • Difficult access work using cranes and even helicopters!

Quite a list of tree services as you can see. A high degree of skill is required for virtually all of these jobs, even something as simple sounding as rose pruning requires specialist knowledge to ensure that plants are pruned at the right time of year and only the right amount of branches removed to ensure vibrant blooming flowers on each bush.

So it’s important to pick an Auckland tree services company that has skilled and experienced arborists working for them. But how do you know how skilled and experienced a tree services company is? Just ask?

First, you can save yourself a lot of time making multiple phone calls by doing a Google search for “Tree Services Auckland” and then check through the websites of some of the listings. A decent arborist website should tell you:

  • How long have they been operating?
  • What tree services are they capable of doing?
  • There might even be some photos or better yet some videos of the types of tree services they’ve done in the past.
  • Also what areas/suburbs in Auckland do they cover?
  • What public liability insurance they have? Ideally they should have coverage of at least $1,000,000. Just Imagine if a tree was mistakenly felled onto either yours or even worse your neighbours property and it was worth more than the level of insurance coverage.

Next you will probably want to get a quote or 2. This should be a free service where the arborist comes to your house or section and actually looks at what needs doing before giving you a price. Check what is actually included in the quote to be sure you are comparing apples with apples. Who will tidy up afterwards? You may think you can save a few dollars by tidying up yourself, but if you leave it to the experts with the right equipment; they will do it in a fraction of the time and with infinitely less hassle than you could.

It also pays to check the small print on any written tree service quotes. You may want to ask the question what coverage is there for damage should something go wrong? Some tree service companies may actually write exclusions into their quotes which effectively means any damage they cause will be covered by your own insurance policy not theirs. Be sure that there aren’t any exclusions in the quote you don’t want to pay for someone else’s mistake!

You might even want to consider asking the company if they’ve had to make any claims on their insurance policy in the past.

You should now see that hiring a tree services company in Auckland isn’t necessarily as simple as just picking up the yellow pages and phoning the company with the biggest ad. It pays to do some research first and ask some questions as this could save you not only money but also avoid damage to your property and to your trees and garden in general from shonky operators.

For a FREE Tree Services quote in Auckland, phone (09) 281 3205. At Auckland Tree Masters we always return calls. In fact we guarantee to return your call by 10am tomorrow (at the latest) or you get $150 off your quote for tree services in Auckland! Plus we always leave your grounds neat and tidy.