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Hedge Trimming & Hedge Removal in Auckland Central and North Shore

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6 Benefits of Hedges

Hedges have many benefits including:

Privacy – Hedges provide a privacy screen from the street and neighbours
Definition – Hedges define boundaries within and around spaces.
Protection – Hedges can provide a windbreak and help to protect against storm damage
Sound Proofing – Hedges can act as natural sound barriers
Background – Hedges can be used as a background for colourful plants and flowers.
Curbside Appeal – Artistic use of hedges can add beauty and “curbside appeal” and even add value to your property.

6 Reasons to Get Your Hedge Trimmed

Improves structure and stability

There’s nothing worse than a hedge with woody leafless lower branches. Regular hedge trimming aids in the healthy growth of your hedges. Regular hedge maintenance can also prevent your hedge from getting too wide.

Visual appeal

Keep your hedges clean and tidy looking with straight well trimmed lines

Train hedges to grow how you want them to

With regular pruning your hedge can be encouraged to grow where you want it to – not the other way round!

Reduce house & building maintenance

Keep unwanted growth away from house walls, eaves and gutters. Without proper pruning and maintenance, hedges can get out-of-control. If your hedge gets too close to buildings, fences and pathways, they can cause damage to roofs and clog gutters with leaves and debris.

Simplify other garden maintenance

A uniformly trimmed hedge can make it easier to now your lawns without getting poked and jabbed by branches.


Falls from ladders around the house are all too common. Avoid the risks of climbing ladders, working with power tools, and cleaning up the debris. Just relax and enjoy the benefits of a beautifully trimmed hedge!

When to Have Your Hedge Trimmed

The warm Auckland summer climate encourages growth. So hedges are normally trimmed twice a year after firstly spring growth and then summer growth. But it does depend on the variety. So contact us to see what time of year is best for your particular variety of hedge.

Why Choose Us For Your Hedge Trimming?


Owner Matt Baird himself has large expansive hedges on his own rural property in Rodney. He is an expert in topiary and grooming hedges both large and small. As well as pruning shrubs into fine specimens. He is passionate about plants both big and small and spends his spare time in his own large garden and orchard.  So you can be confident he will treat your garden with the same care and respect he does his own.

Check out some of our recent work below for examples of our hedge trimming services.

Call Today For Your Free Hedge Trimming Quote

We’re happy to let you know the best time of year for a given type of hedge trimming. So give us a call to discuss your needs today on (09) 281 3205. Or fill in the FREE QUOTE  contact form.

hedge trimming hibiscus coast

A well trimmed hedge adds not just beauty but also value to your home


We also do fine pruning of shrubs, and ornamental plants.


We’ll return your call by 10am tomorrow morning (at the latest)  –  or you’ll get $150 off your quote!

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