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Auckland Tree Masters can handle stump grinding anywhere from Central Auckland, across the North Shore and up to Hibiscus Coast and Rodney.

This includes stump grinding services for:

  • Tree Stump Removal
  • Bamboo Roots Removal
  • Hedge Roots Removal

Benefits of Tree Stump Removal and Stump Grinding

  • For cosmetic reasons – it will look much tidier than a stump remaining in the middle of your lawn. This can improve the resale value of your home.
  • Avoid the risk of damage to your lawn mower due to an exposed tree stump. Plus you won’t have to mow around the tree stump and one less area to weed eat!
  • You will be able to plant another preferred tree or shrub in its place since the stump is mulched up completely. Or you can re-grass the area into lawn.
  • No chance of the roots of the removed tree continuing to grow. So no chance of any further damage to pathways or drains on your property.

Why is Stump Grinding better than digging out a stump?

One benefit of stump grinding over digging out the stump is that there is no hole left afterwards that needs to be filled up with top soil.  So this can save you time and money.

Another benefit of Stump grinding is that the area around the stump isn’t touched unlike digging out the stump so the end result is much tidier – an important consideration if the stump is in your pristine lawn.

Why Select Auckland Tree Masters for Your Tree Stump Removal?

Auckland Tree Masters do stump grinding properly.  

They remove the whole root ball and significant roots to a depth of up to half a metre and even the surface roots as well.

You may think that removing a tree stump is a pretty straight forward job.  Just grind off the ugly visible stump at ground level or just below so it looks good and job done.

However much like the roots of a tree aren’t visible, the most important part of a stump grinding job is also not visible.

TIP: When selecting an Auckland stump grinding company you should ask them how much of the stump they will grind out.

Most will answer that they grind the stump to a depth of 100 to 150mm below the ground.  However the best job will be done if they actually remove the whole root ball and all significant roots to a depth of up to half a metre.  The surface roots should also be removed.

Why does it matter what depth the tree stump is ground out to?

There are 2 reasons for this:

1.  If the stump grinding is only done to 150mm, any other tree planted will more than likely die

2.  The worst-case scenario is the tree you’ve just gone to the trouble of removing could actually grow back if the whole root ball isn’t removed

You should also ask the stump grinding company what is done with the tailings.  These are the stump grindings that are left over.  These should be put back in the hole that they came from and then the tailings should be compacted down.  They will then compost into dirt in due course leaving the job neat and tidy and ready for replanting or seeding into lawn.

Call Now For Your Free Stump Grinding Quote

Stump Grinding can be done immediately after a tree has been felled. But we are also happy to remove old stumps as well. So whatever the tree stump you need removed, give us a call to discuss your needs today on (09) 281 3205. Or fill in the FREE QUOTE  contact form.

Stump Before Stump Grinding on North Shore, Auckland.

Unsightly stump before stump grinding on the North Shore, Auckland.

Stump Removal in Auckland

Stump grinding to remove hedge stumps and roots.


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