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Professional Tree Pruning and Trimming Services for Auckland Central & the North Shore

Tree pruning is part science and part art. The skill and science recognises the flaws. The art is to trim these bad parts of the tree so that it doesn’t look like it has been touched.

Auckland Tree Masters can handle any tree trimming and garden pruning and maintenance work.

Our Tree Pruning and Trimming Services include:

  • Removal of Deadwood
  • Fruit Tree Pruning
  • Formative Pruning
  • Crown Lifting
  • Crown Reduction
  • Thinning
  • Branch Weight Reduction
  • Limb Removals
  • Fine Pruning of Roses
  • Shrub Pruning

Reasons to Consider Tree Pruning

  • If you tree has dead or diseased branches, pruning can stop the damage spreading any further.
  • You may want to reduce the height of your tree to improve your view
  • Let light into your home
  • For safety reasons you may want to remove overhanging boughs that place risk upon your home or other buildings
  • Allow for easier access for vehicles or pedestrians around your home or workplace.

Benefits of Expert Tree Pruning and Trimming

Fruit Tree Pruning – Can increase the yield of the fruit tree. Ensure light reaches into lower branches so your fruit isn’t only growing in the upper branches.

Let the Light Shine Through – Thinning of branches can allow light to penetrate into your home without removing the whole tree. And a warm home is a healthy home, so this can reduce illness in your family. Pruning and shaping your trees can also make your property more desirable to prospective buyers.

Reduce Risk to Your Family & Property – Dead and dying limbs and large overhanging limbs can be at risk of falling in high winds or storms. Pruning reduces risk to your family and property.

Improve the Overall Look and Structure of the Tree – Proper pruning will stop the tree from developing broad or weak branches. Timely trimming stops limbs from crossing each other and competing for space in the crown. It should extend the life of your tree.

Increase Sun Exposure and Air Circulation Around the Tree –  This improves not only the tree’s health but also encourages lawn growth beneath the tree.

Why Choose Us For Your Tree Pruning?


Matt BAIRD - Expert Tree Pruning in AucklandAt Auckland Tree Masters we’re not tree hackers.

Aboriculture is more than just a business to owner Matt Baird.  He is passionate about plants both big and small and spends his spare time in his own large garden and orchard.  So you can be confident he will treat your garden with the same care and respect he does his own.

The time of year you prune can be very important for many trees. So be sure to call and ask our advice for the best time of year to prune a specific variety.

Renowned Tree Trimming and Pruning Services for the North Shore and Auckland Central

We’re happy to let you know the best time of year for a given type of tree pruning. So give us a call to discuss your needs today on (09) 281 3205. Or fill in the FREE QUOTE  contact form.

Arborist Pruning Pine Tree

Arborist pruning a pine tree on the North Shore, Auckland


We also do fine pruning of shrubs, and ornamental plants.



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