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Do you require tree removal in Auckland, North Shore, Hibiscus Coast or Rodney?

Auckland Tree Masters can handle any size tree removal anywhere from Central Auckland, across the North Shore and up to Hibiscus Coast and Rodney.  Owner Matt Baird is an expert in difficult access areas and large tree removal. This may require the use of cranes or even helicopter to ensure safe removal of the tree without damage to your property or to neighbouring properties.

Reasons to Remove a Tree

For Safety Concerns

A dead or dying tree is a danger in waiting. Ready for a storm to send it toppling. Best to fell it safely on your terms rather than leaving it to nature.

To Reduce Risk or Damage to Your Home

If a large tree is simply too close to your home or property sometimes this leaves no option but to fell the tree to eliminate the risk of damage.

Or often tree roots can cause damage to buildings, driveways and drains. Auckland Tree Masters ensures safe and low risk tree removal though the use of bracing and expert felling techniques.

To Let Light Into Your Home

While often a tree can be pruned and thinned to let light through into your home, sometimes if a tree is too close no amount of thinning will achieve this. While a last resort sometimes the only option is complete tree removal.

Why Choose Auckland Tree Masters as Your Auckland Tree Removal Company?

Many of our clients say “They left our grounds tidier than when they arrived!”

We remove all limbs and branches (or we can cut them and leave them for firewood). Smaller branches are mulched (again you can choose whether to keep the mulch or we can remove it). Finally we leaf blow any paths so that your property is as tidy (or even tidier!) as when we arrived.

Unblemished Tree Removal Record

We have $5,000,000 public liability insurance (many other companies only have $1,000,000), however we’ve never made a claim. Tip: Ask any prospective arborist if they have had to make a claim on their liability insurance.

One Stop Shop

We can handle not only the tree removal process, but also stump grinding and even selection of replacement tree specimens if required. We have a love for arboriculture and nature in general and are more than just “tree loppers”.

If you choose we can also remove the tree stump with our stump grinder, so your lawn is ready for resowing or you can turn the ground into garden almost immediately.

Call Now For Your Free Tree Removal Quote

So whether you have a whole section to clear or just a lone tree to be removed, give us a call to discuss your needs today on (09) 281 3205. Or fill in the contact form below…

Tree Removal Auckland

Tree Removal Auckland – The Trunk is safely removed in manageable sections.

Large Tree Removal

Tree Felling – The lower section of the trunk is felled once reduced to a smaller size.

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